I’m baaaack! Kind of.


Hello blog world!! I have NOT fallen off the face of the planet… well, off the cyber planet, maybe. Truth is, this summer has been incredibly busy with campaigning, rallies, activism, and then as soon as summer went by, the fall seemed cram-packed with speeches and presentations, 40 Days for Life, schoolwork, and now as winter’s drawing near, I’m up to my ears in more school stuff, scholarships, and all that fun stuff. And now that you’ve had the synopsis of my life over the past half-year, I feel I owe you a nice, entertaining little post to amend my negligence. I must gain catch up with the things that are nagging me to be done, and then I shall return and write a little something up.

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Famous Women of Films Week

I believe the week is over, but I thought I’d do this just for fun anyways! Meggy from Magic, Ink and Dreams  tagged me, be sure to check out her awesome blog!

1. What was the first “old movie” that you can remember watching?

Probably Mary Poppins… It’s been a classic for me for as long as I can remember. I might have watched other old movies before it, but this one just stayed in my mind and I’ve watched it a million times since then!

2. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite singer?

Julie Andrews. She has a beautiful and feminine voice…. Although I might be biased because of the songs she sings… I mean, really, who could not resist the voice behind Do-Re-Mi and The Hills Are Alive?? …or maybe it’s just me ;)

3. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite dancer?

Okay, well, this is a hard one because actually I don’t watch very many old movies- and, to be quite honest, I don’t know half of these women. And half of the ones I do know, I don’t remember, since I watched a lot of these movies a long time ago. Although, yes, I have been getting more into the oldies lately (a few months ago at the peak of my “obsession” I finally rented Singing in the Rain and got my whole family to watch it) but I generally listen to old songs (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, etc) rather than watch old movies. Also, a lot of the oldies are not in my library, and I rarely watch movies on youtube, and like I said in my earlier post today, I’ve also been extremely busy lately.

But I’m sure all of you dear readers who have a true love for the oldies must have smirked at me, when I called it an “obsession,” considering… *cough cough* I don’t know who… Vera Ellen is… *ducks sharp objects flying in the air*

Well, I’ve heard the name, but I’m not really familiar with anything about her other than her name…

4. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite actress?

Julie Andrews, all the way! Although Jane Powell is pretty awesome, too. As is Debbie Reynolds.

5. What is your favorite “old movie”? Why?

Ohh, this is a tough one! I’d have to say “The Sound of Music.”

6. Who is your utmost favorite Famous Woman of Films Week? Why?

Julie Andrews. She’s elegant, graceful, and has a to die-for accent. Even in her older years, she has an irresistible grace about her.

7. Do you watch a lot of “old movies” starring many of these Famous Women or do you have different tastes? If so, please share your interests!

I would love to have a more thorough knowledge of these Famous Women, but mostly I watch more modern movies. I do want to watch more oldies, though! My new summer goal: watching at least 5 old movies that I have never seen before!

8. Were you introduced to any new actresses by Famous Women of Films Week? If so, which one(s)?

Umm, I have quite a list of Women of Film I’ve never heard of before: Ann Reinking, Ann Miller, Betty Hutton, Cyd Charisse, and Ginger Rogers.

Since it’s over, this is just for fun, so I’m not tagging anyone.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

Have a blessed day!

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Hiya Again!



Well, I am baaaack!!!! kind of. I guess it seems that I’ve kind of fallen the face of the earth… or at least off blog world. I’ve been super busy during the past few months with pro-life activism- barely a moment to breathe, and so my poor blog has suffered the effects, neglected and abandoned as it is. But I do love it and it feels so good to be posting again! And I have Meggy from Magic, Ink, and, Dreams to thank for that! She tagged me for Famous Women of the Week! :)

And, in explanation of the opening lines of this post…. I spent my weekend- guess where! AT STEUBIE!!!!! Had an absolutely beautiful and incredible three days at the Steubenville Conference, perhaps some of you dear readers may have gone also. The experience is phenomenal. Since I came home Sunday night, I’ve been so full of joy and happiness the past few days, and Jesus is so powerful and loving and close!! Yep, He’s pretty awesome and amazing, for lack of sufficient words!!!

(Picture from Sinner’s Guide.com)

Okay, I’m going to do my tag thingy now! yay! I’ll post it in a while today! :)



July 4, 2012 · 4:38 pm

Letters4Life Canada

The Canadian version of the letter campaign: http://www.letters4life.ca/

Let’s write 100,000 prolife letters to end abortion!

In Canada, 100,000 children die every year because of abortion.

100,000 letters could change that.

Do you want to make a difference?


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1 Million ProLife Letters!

Some teens in the States have organized a campaign, called the 2012 Pro-Life Letter Writing Campaign, whose goal is to write 1 million letters to the President opposing abortion. This is the last week of their campaign, so if you could help them out, that would be great!

1st step: Write a letter and address it to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
step 2: send your letter and take the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3N57QY5

you can find a form letter and more information on the site: http://theteenagelifeclub.blogspot.ca/#!/

Be a voice for the voiceless.

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How to Lose Your Blog Followers in One Easy Post…


 so, do you ever experience those moments where your brain is all a jumble and you can’t think at all- simply because the night has cast its mysterious aura (if I’m using this word incorrectly, it’s cause I don’t even know what it means… but it does sound right in this sentence to me!) and your grammar is all messy and disshevelled just like my hair when I wake up in the morning…

and then you wonder, is ANYBODY going to read such a useless, time-consuming post?? so then you begin to berate yourself for wasting the time of poor, unsuspecting victims who innocently click on your blog only to go BAM! and find themselves lost in the world of your *ahem* insightful and intelligent (…) musings about how to write a post when it is nearly 4 in the morning.

So why don’t I be a little more productive- and *GASP at my ingenuity and astounding ideas! oh the capabilities of my humble brain! oh the marvels! oh the- well, I’m sure you have grasped the remarkable aspects of my mind and it is needless for me to go much more into depth now.

So my ingenious idea is to:

OFFER GUIDELINES on how to write a late night post!!!!!!!

1. Write about your remarkable mind and the thoughts you come up with. The most incredible insights come at around 3 in  the morning.  Even telepathy becomes possible at this time of night/morning. Now, this has been proven multiple times to be a fact. For example, if you are having a sleepover and you shine a flashlight at the clock to see what time it is, your friend should be perfectly able have this knowledge transferred to their own mind without the necessity of spoken words. Eyes widened= 1 am. Quiet gasp= 2am. Small squeal= 3am. Sudden burst of incontrollable laughter and the sudden fear of death by suffocating from the excess of giggling= clearly past 4 AM.

2. Allow your hands to explore the keyboard. Out of consideration for my poor readers who are most likely no longer reading at this point, having had sufficient proof of my insanity, and out of concern for their own sanity probably abandoned this blog forever, I have taken extra precautions to keep my spelling correct. Because you really have no idea how many typo’s I’m making, but for the sake of my dear lovely readers I’m doing my very best to avoid every single one. But now, to get it out of my system: ckdjiefoajnvnhfiehjakljaoj ;kanmla;ipauut787rfjinhjlzcv;aidoeifkjlann aldjf

okay, that was fun! (btw, that was totally random keys so if any words came out of it, it was unintentional. This mostly applies to the risky possibility that I might have accidentally written some bad word in a different language that I don’t even know)

3. Go to sleep and stop writing before you lose every single follower you ever gained.

So that means, goodnight!

And good luck with your next endeavour at writing a late night/ early morning post! I’m sure you’ll keep my valuable guidelines in mind ;) jkjk I don’t want you to lose all your readers!

Okay, ciao!

P.S.  to all my followers- I love you!!!!!!!! :)

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The Three Musketeers

I went to see the newest version of The Three Musketeers in, um, well, November. I know, I know, this post is somewhat late…. Blame it on my procrastination skills!

 Anyways, I had been looking forward to this movie for about a year!! Don’t ask me why I was so excited about it, because I had never read the book and about all I knew of the storyline was that it was about three musketeers who liked to cry, “ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE!” I think it was the swashbuckling that attracted me. Yes, I’m quite big on sword fighting. A good swordfight is a must. A requirement, a necessity, a crucial critically pivotal element… okay, I’ll stop. You get the idea. I do love a nice, satisfying swordfight.

And just last month, for reading club, I actually read the 600-page book, so now I’m able to compare the two.

The movie made a lot (and I mean A LOT) of deviations from the book. Some were for the better. For example, this was the first time I’ve watched a movie that is way more appropriate than the book it is based upon. They pretty much cut out all the inappropriate scenes, for which I was extremely grateful. (However, be warned, there is one scene where the villainness undresses on the rooftop- but she does leave on her underclothes, which in those days were more modest than some outer clothing girls wear nowadays…)

 First let me say the cast was superb. After watching Pride and Prejudice 2005, I was eager to see how Matthew Macfadyen would do for the role of Athos. And I wasn’t disappointed. He is alluring in his mysterious, quiet way, a real fatherly figure to D’Artagnan. The leader of the Three Musketeers, the rest of which consist of Porthos and Aramis, and later on D’Artagnan joining as the fourth addition, Athos has a lot on his mind. His friends try to figure out his unknown past- a past that carries a deep, dark secret…

(BTW, since it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, I might be getting some of it mixed up with the book. So if you’ve seen the movie already and my post is confusing you, because you don’t remember this or that part in the film, it’s all my fault, sorry!)

 D’Artagnan is played by Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief) Definitely the kind of guy girls like to swoon over. At least that was my experience. Throughout the 45 minute drive home from the cinema that had shown the film, all I could hear from the backseat was the squeals and dreamy sighs of my sister and her friend.

Wasn’t he wonderful?

*insert dreamy sigh*

Ohh, and he was sooo brave…


Yes, and very handsome!


He’s definitely brave, alright. He’s also rash and reckless. But he’s admirable most of the time, and even though I was bothered a few times in the book by D’Artagnan’s stupidity, in the movie I found it easy to sympathize with our 19- year old hero.

Now, I’m too lazy to include the pictures of all the characters in this movie, so let’s go straight to the villains.

I was really excited to see Orlando Bloom playing a bad guy, the Duke of Buckingham. On one hand I felt bad, because he had always been special to me as Legolas from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but on the other hand, I had gotten tired of the numerous sequels of  Pirates of the Caribbean (loved the first one, liked the second, hated the third… haven’t seen the fourth), and so I thought it would be interesting to see Bloom playing a villain. He actually made a really great villain, the features of his face and his voice suited the role well. Only weird thing is, that in the book, Buckingham is portrayed as a good guy, whereas in this movie they totally made him into a villain!

 Milady was a character whom I would describe as “deliciously evil.” Probably my favourite villain of all time, other than Chauvelin from The Scarlet Pimpernel. She’s just so clever and conniving and wicked…

I would probably recommend this movie for 13+

Rated PG-13

Oh, and of course it is but natural that I include a scene from my favourite swordfight:

Hopelessly outnumbered, and still the Musketeers conquer!

Sweet Constance

 (in the book she is 7 years older than D’Artagnan and married… thankfully they made things less awkward in the movie)



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