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The Three Musketeers

I went to see the newest version of The Three Musketeers in, um, well, November. I know, I know, this post is somewhat late…. Blame it on my procrastination skills!

 Anyways, I had been looking forward to this movie for about a year!! Don’t ask me why I was so excited about it, because I had never read the book and about all I knew of the storyline was that it was about three musketeers who liked to cry, “ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE!” I think it was the swashbuckling that attracted me. Yes, I’m quite big on sword fighting. A good swordfight is a must. A requirement, a necessity, a crucial critically pivotal element… okay, I’ll stop. You get the idea. I do love a nice, satisfying swordfight.

And just last month, for reading club, I actually read the 600-page book, so now I’m able to compare the two.

The movie made a lot (and I mean A LOT) of deviations from the book. Some were for the better. For example, this was the first time I’ve watched a movie that is way more appropriate than the book it is based upon. They pretty much cut out all the inappropriate scenes, for which I was extremely grateful. (However, be warned, there is one scene where the villainness undresses on the rooftop- but she does leave on her underclothes, which in those days were more modest than some outer clothing girls wear nowadays…)

 First let me say the cast was superb. After watching Pride and Prejudice 2005, I was eager to see how Matthew Macfadyen would do for the role of Athos. And I wasn’t disappointed. He is alluring in his mysterious, quiet way, a real fatherly figure to D’Artagnan. The leader of the Three Musketeers, the rest of which consist of Porthos and Aramis, and later on D’Artagnan joining as the fourth addition, Athos has a lot on his mind. His friends try to figure out his unknown past- a past that carries a deep, dark secret…

(BTW, since it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, I might be getting some of it mixed up with the book. So if you’ve seen the movie already and my post is confusing you, because you don’t remember this or that part in the film, it’s all my fault, sorry!)

 D’Artagnan is played by Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief) Definitely the kind of guy girls like to swoon over. At least that was my experience. Throughout the 45 minute drive home from the cinema that had shown the film, all I could hear from the backseat was the squeals and dreamy sighs of my sister and her friend.

Wasn’t he wonderful?

*insert dreamy sigh*

Ohh, and he was sooo brave…


Yes, and very handsome!


He’s definitely brave, alright. He’s also rash and reckless. But he’s admirable most of the time, and even though I was bothered a few times in the book by D’Artagnan’s stupidity, in the movie I found it easy to sympathize with our 19- year old hero.

Now, I’m too lazy to include the pictures of all the characters in this movie, so let’s go straight to the villains.

I was really excited to see Orlando Bloom playing a bad guy, the Duke of Buckingham. On one hand I felt bad, because he had always been special to me as Legolas from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but on the other hand, I had gotten tired of the numerous sequels of  Pirates of the Caribbean (loved the first one, liked the second, hated the third… haven’t seen the fourth), and so I thought it would be interesting to see Bloom playing a villain. He actually made a really great villain, the features of his face and his voice suited the role well. Only weird thing is, that in the book, Buckingham is portrayed as a good guy, whereas in this movie they totally made him into a villain!

 Milady was a character whom I would describe as “deliciously evil.” Probably my favourite villain of all time, other than Chauvelin from The Scarlet Pimpernel. She’s just so clever and conniving and wicked…

I would probably recommend this movie for 13+

Rated PG-13

Oh, and of course it is but natural that I include a scene from my favourite swordfight:

Hopelessly outnumbered, and still the Musketeers conquer!

Sweet Constance

 (in the book she is 7 years older than D’Artagnan and married… thankfully they made things less awkward in the movie)




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Little Women

This is my 50th post!! WOOT WOOT! well, it’s not that great an accomplishment considering I started blogging in April, but still…… HAPPY! Yes, very extremely, hyperlike happy!! okay I should get to the point before I get carried away with all this random cheering and happiness! So, without further ado, I would like to present to you…

My review on Little Women the movie!

(are you excited?)

You should be!

Because I am!

Anyways, I really love this movie (in case you didn’t realize that…)

 Last time I read Little Women was in grade 5 or 6, but I’ve loved the story since and it was my favourite book for several years. The characters are endearing, the story is sweet, there’s excitement, family, and just the right touch of romance added to make it the perfect story for all little girls, and grown-up girls too, who have not forgotten their childhood or perhaps still are a child at heart.

The acting in the 1994 version is quite beautifully done. The actors are well chosen and most of them are very much like I pictured them to be in the book. I do so love when the characters are well portrayed!

The story revolves around Jo, who is 15 when we meet her at the start of the story. In this movie, she has just the right amount of tomboyish-ness and mischief, while still remaining ladylike and feminine. I’ve been disappointed several times in the past by Jo’s portrayal, in the last movie I saw and a musical presentation I attended, she was unrefined, loud, with jerky, masculine movements. So I was very pleased when in this movie she was perfectly captured as feminine, yet retaining her own tomboyish qualities without which Jo would not be Jo.

At the ball Laurie. LAURIE! Well, what can I say, but that he is the sweetest, most gentlemanly, ahem-most mischevious little neighbour that the March girls could ever have! I would love to have him as my neighbour! Such a great friend! And the funny part was, that I had just watched Batman Begins the day before and then as I was starting Little Women I was astounded to see Christian Bale’s name pop out in the opening credits. And I must say I like him much much MUCH better as Laurie than Batman!

The rest of the March girls: Meg, Beth, and Amy were also very well cast, and I exceedingly enjoyed each of their performances. Although Beth, being my favourite of the March sisters, I thought could have been played even better, but that is merely my opinion as a personal fan of hers, so I daresay it’s possible I  might never be satisfied and always expect more.

 Jo is quite an inspirational character to an aspiring writer and I found myself thinking about whether I myself write for my own pleasure or only what I think others want to read. I will have to try writing a story that is 100% for my own enjoyment, not caring a whit about what other people think, and see what shall come of that. Anyways, I shall conclude now, but not without a final comment about Laurie’s proposal. Don’t you ever wish she said yes? I mean, I completely understand why she said no and I sympathize with her for the sorrow it must have caused her to refuse her best friend, but I do think they make such a cute couple!!!!


 could this be her father? He’s caring and good, but Laurie has her fun side! Such a difficult choice! I’m glad we’re leaving it in Jo’s capable hands!

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Soul Surfer

Last week, I watched “Soul Surfer”. At first, I had been pretty reluctant, not exactly sure if I wanted to see some horror story of a shark attack. Gradually, I learned more about it, and although perhaps a bit of my skepticism continued to nag me, I ended up watching it. It was AMAZING.

 The true story of young Bethany Hamilton, it follows her (played by AnnaSophia Robb, who does a beautiful job) as she pursues her passion for surfing. One day as she is hanging out in the water, she suddenly gets attacked by a huge shark, who snaps off her left arm. The accident changes her lifestyle, and makes things harder for Bethany, but not impossible. She is determined to get back into the water and continue competing. Despite the difficulties, the disadvantages of having one arm, the media pressing about her everywhere she goes, and those moments where she feels she just wants to quit, Bethany ignores it all and just keeps going. What absolutely amazed me was her acceptance of what happened to her. She was willing to accept the fact that she had to live with only one arm as part of God’s will for her, and she went on to “embrace more people with one arm than (she) ever could with two”. This was incredible, especially coming from a 13-year old (although in the movie she looks about 17)!! It made me wonder, if the same thing happened to me, would I be able to accept it as God’s will for me? Would I receive my cross with joy and willingness like Bethany or would I become embittered and full of self-pity and anger like most people would? Fortunately Bethany had a very strong faith from a young age, since she was born into a good Christian family and homeschooled since seventh grade (yay for homeschooling!!) I think we could all learn from her persistance and determination, as well as willingness to do God’s will, whatever that may be!

Soul Surfer is a great movie, for Christians and non-Christians alike, and I’d definitely recommend seeing it!! probably for ages 12+. No swearing or inappropriate stuff, but unfortunately there’s quite an amount of bikinis. Otherwise, very inspirational film!

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Jane Eyre 2011 Review

Yes, I have finally gotten about to writing up a trailer for the new Jane Eyre movie!!! (well, maybe not so new by now. . .but anyways. . .) If  you’d like to know more about what I thought about the book, see my post titled “Jane Eyre”, but here I’m going to focus mainly on the characters. They’re always the most fun to write about, in my opinion!

First off, Jane Eyre herself, of course. Mia Wasikowska played her quite well. I loved how she really looks 18 like she’s supposed to be, and she’s also very cute and likable. She has all Jane’s depth and her personality comes across perfectly. She is wonderful with Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester; they match each other very well.

At first, I was a bit disappointed with Edward Rochester in the first scene he was in. I didn’t think he looked right, after watching Toby Stevens’ portrayal. But as the film went on, I must say that it he is closer to the book Rochester than Stevens. Maybe not as good-looking, though. Hehe. But Mr. Rochester isn’t supposed to be handsome anyway. Micheal Fassbender is a great actor and plays the part wonderfully.

Mrs. Fairfax. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie so I don’t remember what exactly I meant to say about her. . . I know I liked her; she looked pretty much like I imagined her in the book. She has a motherly instinct towards Jane and her appearance seemed to match that. The only scene with her that I didn’t like was when Jane returns to Thornfield when it is in ruins and Mrs. Fairfax suddenly appears there out of nowhere! It just didn’t seem right to substitute the shepherd with her instead, and I got really worried that there might be some other, major, alterations towards the end of the movie. But fortunately, there weren’t.

St. John Rivers was much better than in the other Jane Eyre that I’ve watched (2006 BBC miniseries). For some incomprehensible reason, he reminds me of Mr. Tumnus. LOL. Let me just say, I LOVED him in this movie. Well, not literally. I mean, really, why can’t he truly love? All he thinks about is his missionary work, but really there’s so much more to being a Christian than evangelizing pagans. It’s a pity he can’t learn about real love, even when he’s surrounded by those who constantly show him the meaning of that word in their lives.

Adele was also so much closer to the book than in the other JE movie I saw. There she seemed exaggerated, an absolutely intolerable brat, but here she’s still spoiled, but at least she’s normal. She’s actually likeable, and it’s much easier to see how Jane could become attached to her. Not to mention, she’s really sweet and cute.

  I really, really love Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender together, like I’ve already said before. Despite the age differences (when reading the book, I had trouble picturing Jane falling in love with a man at least 20 years her senior, even though I know that in those times everyone got married with much larger age gaps. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing- but 20 years?? However, in the movie they were absolutely lovely together.) they really are PERFECT!

I’m dreadfully disappointed that they left out the lines where, when Mr. Rochester tells Jane that she must return to him from her visit to her dying Aunt Reed. I mean, he did say that, but they left out the part where after he gives her the money and then takes back part of it (thus owing her part of her governess’ wages) he says that it is to ensure that she comes back. And it’s so sweet when he says that! I wish they included it! And they skipped the scene with the gypsy fortune-teller (Mr. Rochester in disguise)! Also, the part when Bertha tears Jane’s wedding veil, and Mr. Rochester is so concerned about her safety. That scene had a lot of significance and should have been included.

Despite a couple disappointments here and there, I can sincerely say that I loved this movie!!

 Let me just say that if you haven’t seen it yet, YOU SHOULD!!!

  (I’d recommend it for ages 12 or 13 and up, due to violence, blood, and some creepiness.)

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   A couple days ago I finished reading Emma by Jane Austen. It was one of the books on my reading list, and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t like the first half all that much, but then it got better, with Emma’s personality changing along the way (thanks to Mr. Knightley!)

 Emma is the story of a young lady whose hobby is matchmaking. After making a successful match for her friend Miss Taylor, Emma proceeds to find a husband for her 17-year old friend Harriet and gets into some scrapes in the meantime. I found Emma to be a somewhat annoying, meddling character at first but fortunately she improved in the course of the story. It was refreshing to read Jane Austen again, I haven’t in quite a while, and I look forward to reading Mansfield Park soon!

I would probably give Emma four stars out of five. Definitely worth the read!!

Emma and Harriet

I also just watched the 1996 movie starring Kate Beckinsale. I was quite pleased with the film. Emma (Kate Beckinsale) was absolutely perfect, I don’t think she could have been better! But then I haven’t seen any other versions of the movie, so I guess I’m not much of a judge. Mr. Knightley was not completely what I had imagined. It seemed to me that he almost had a worse temper than his brother John who is known for his grumpiness, and I can’t say I found Mr. Knightley to be quite as handsome as he is described to be in the book.

Ohhh, don’t even get me started on Frank Churchill, however!!! He was even more charming than I had pictured him in the book and had the most awesome curly hair and amazing eyes ever! But most of the other characters could have been played by better actors, IMO. I’m not saying the acting was bad, on the contrary, I considered it pretty good, but the actors could have been better chosen. Although I was delighted to see Olivia Williams playing Jane Fairfax. She made a very pretty, quiet Miss Fairfax, very close to what she was in the book.

The script also stayed close to the book, and the movie contained all the important parts, so overall, I was happy with this version. I’m hoping to watch the Gwyneth Paltrow version sometime soon, it will be interesting to see a blonde Emma after Kate Beckinsale’s lovely dark hair.

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Diana Auditioned as Anne!


I just found out thanks to The Wanderings of a Dreamer blog ( that for the Anne of Green Gables movie, Diana had actually auditioned as Anne originally!!!  Personally, I can’t imagine anyone other than Megan Follows as Anne, and I think she was just the perfect choice! Although I guess Diana does look somewhat Anne-ish looking in red hair, as you can see from the picture above. I’d say she could have been a second option. But Megan Follows, well, she just is Anne!!

Read about it here:

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