About Me

I am a girl who reads, who dreams, and who writes.

I love music.
It needn’t be instruments. The pitter-patter of rain on my rooftop as I’m falling asleep will suffice. The symphony of bird songs outside my window as I awaken, the tinkling of a stream at the park. The smooth, melodious flow of words as I read. The soft, rhythmic resonance of the words I write.
The lovely things in life thrill me. Fireflies. Books and tea. Kites and strong winds that toss my hair. Beaches with soft sand that sifts between my toes. Glitter. Dogs and butterflies. Finding constellations in the velvet blackness of the sky.
I love night. Being comfortably curled up on the couch reading a book by the yellow glow of the lamp. Or waltzing in the moonlight with my little brother, or perhaps with a character from my novel that is unseen by all but me.

I am always in pursuit of adventure. There is nothing quite so exciting as swords and archery, but as these are not quite so common in our world as one would like, there are other adventures that must be sought. Behind cities, subways, libraries, parks, theatres, and woods, there is a world bursting with hidden fairytales and adventures to be sought. And within them, behind the masks of people who are broken, burdened, and torn, there are battles to be lost or to be won.
To win those battles, one must discover and cling to the beauty, truth, and goodness are out in the world. One need only keep his eyes open, and there is a whole new world ahead.


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