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Fave Songs- Dream and Who Knows

A couple new favorite songs, thanks to Victoria from Raindrops and Moonlight and her Song Saturday.html ! They are both lovely and dreamy, Enjoy!

Love the lyrics!


The melody is absolutely beautiful! I find it gets stuck in my head almost every time I listen to it! Such a lovely song!


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New Fave Song! – Never Let You Go

My friends just let me know about this song! And I fell in love with it immediately! Apparently I was one of the first 500 people to have listened to it! Which I though was pretty impressive! cause I’m never very up-to-date with new songs! lol!

Isn’t it amazing?!?

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Fave Songs- Dare You To Move


I can listen to this song over and over again and still I never get tired of it.

It’s just plain Switchfoot amazingness!

Gotta love that band!!!!

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Fave Songs- The Call

This song always evokes a certain inner longing in me. It’s not only about Narnia, and Caspian and Susan, but it relates to my own life as well. God comes to us very small, a whisper, a Baby, and then becomes stronger, greater, our tiny moment of awe and wonder joining with faith becomes passion for Him, and then we hear the Call. The Call to do His will, to share Him with others, to give ourselves to Him. It’s the most exciting adventure there can be. And we don’t even need to go to Narnia to experience the magic. It’s right there, within our hearts.

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My Favourite Songs

I’ve lately gotten really into music so I’m going to post some of my favourite songs!! I’ll put in several separate posts 🙂

I LOVE this song so much!! So magical and dreamy!


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