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Fave Songs- The Call

This song always evokes a certain inner longing in me. It’s not only about Narnia, and Caspian and Susan, but it relates to my own life as well. God comes to us very small, a whisper, a Baby, and then becomes stronger, greater, our tiny moment of awe and wonder joining with faith becomes passion for Him, and then we hear the Call. The Call to do His will, to share Him with others, to give ourselves to Him. It’s the most exciting adventure there can be. And we don’t even need to go to Narnia to experience the magic. It’s right there, within our hearts.


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Beautiful Art

Last Saturday, I spent nearly half the day pouring over luscious paintings that I found online. I want to develop a taste for true beautiful art (not that I like any other kind of art). Here are some of my absolute favourite pictures!!

The Lady of Shalott by Donato Giancola

A Moonlit Night by Wagner

Goodnight Moon

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