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Cultivating Femininity Series


So what I’ve been dreaming up the in past while has been writing about femininity. It’s a topic that I think intrigues every girl, because, well – femininity is part of every girl’s identity. Even the tomboy desires and possesses certain feminine characteristics- such as the compassionate, impulsive heart of Jo March and the courageous, unselfish heart of Ocie Nash. It’s part of what makes them so beautiful and attractive to us.

Little girls play with dolls and have a general passion for pink, for ballet, and for tea parties and playing house. Many teen girls care about school, dances, make-up, clothes, how they will appear to boys their age, their conversations, their friendships. Older ladies talk about their children, their marriages, their jobs, how they can contribute to the lives of others and how others are affecting their own lives. I think the interests of girls at every age point to something deep inside them, at the centre of their hearts. It is a “richness of sensitivity, intuitiveness, generosity and fidelity.” (Pope JPII, Letter to Women, 1995)

Girls in the past used to be instructed by their mothers or governesses on how to be ladies. We see in stories such as Cinderella and the Twelve Dancing Princesses (at least, the Barbie version…) that fathers would even re-marry after their wives died simply to be able to provide a good model and instructor for their daughters, someone who would teach them how to act with grace and elegance.

flowersOver the past years, I’ve been trying to find ways to become more feminine. Sometimes I’ve been inspired by characters in book, movies, or history; other times, by girls’ blogs and yes, Pinterest boards too. But what I’ve looked for, and haven’t been able to find (yet!) is a blog dedicated to ideas all about simultaneously growing in holiness and in femininity. So I hope that through writing this Cultivating Femininity Series, I shall be able to meet readers and bloggers who are also interested in these topics and we shall have grand conversations via posts and the comment thread!:)

There’s so many ways to grow as a person and as a daughter of God, while learning about life, having fun, and pursuing holiness and ultimate sanctity. Now, with a little motivation and a good time, we can blog away, make friends, and work on our pathway to becoming saints!


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Fave Songs- Dream and Who Knows

A couple new favorite songs, thanks to Victoria from Raindrops and Moonlight and her Song Saturday.html ! They are both lovely and dreamy, Enjoy!

Love the lyrics!


The melody is absolutely beautiful! I find it gets stuck in my head almost every time I listen to it! Such a lovely song!

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Fave Songs- The Call

This song always evokes a certain inner longing in me. It’s not only about Narnia, and Caspian and Susan, but it relates to my own life as well. God comes to us very small, a whisper, a Baby, and then becomes stronger, greater, our tiny moment of awe and wonder joining with faith becomes passion for Him, and then we hear the Call. The Call to do His will, to share Him with others, to give ourselves to Him. It’s the most exciting adventure there can be. And we don’t even need to go to Narnia to experience the magic. It’s right there, within our hearts.

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Beautiful Art pt. 2


It’s Touch and Go To Laugh Or No by Anderson

The Property Room by Arthur Hughes

Among the Ruins


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Beautiful Art

Last Saturday, I spent nearly half the day pouring over luscious paintings that I found online. I want to develop a taste for true beautiful art (not that I like any other kind of art). Here are some of my absolute favourite pictures!!

The Lady of Shalott by Donato Giancola

A Moonlit Night by Wagner

Goodnight Moon

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Language of Beauty

Here’s a wonderful article I found on Catholic Education Resource Center: http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/arts/al0435.htm

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