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Summer Book List 2016

What could be more appealing in the hot hours of long summer days than a glass of lemonade and a book?

Here goes the Summer Book List for 2016:

  1. Lorna Doone – R.D. Blackmore
  2. Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton – Dale Ahlquist
  3. The Father’s Tale – Michael O’Brien
  4. A Landscape With Dragons – Michael O’Brien
  5. The Portrait of a Lady – Henry James
  6. As You Like It – William Shakespeare
  7. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare
  8. North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell
  9. Ivanhoe – Sir Walter Scott
  10. The Robe – Lloyd C. Douglas

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Camp NaNo: the Novel-Saver for Procrastinators

When it comes to procrastination, I’ll be the first to admit that I am hopeless. Since I was 11, I have wanted to write, finish, and publish a novel and dreamed that by the time I was 20 or so, I would be a best-selling novelist, (don’t we all) renowned throughout the continent, and would have toured North America with reading tours and book signings, attended the movie premier of one of my books, and set up a career for myself as a full-time novelist. 

Well, it hasn’t happened yet… perhaps because it’s not quite so easy as I imagined it to be when I was 11. But perhaps also because I am an atrocious procrastinator.

And that is why Camp NaNo is my lifesaver. This is my third Camp, (and fourth or fifth time NaNo-ing overall) and I have been working on the same novel for all three of the Camps. This time, however, it is day 7 and I am still up to date with my word count. (My previous record has been 3,900 words- out of 40,000. Ouch.) I am striving to reach my word count of 50,000, which is ambitious; but I realized that if I don’t get it done this summer, I likely never will. 

Even if I fall behind, I am determined not to get discouraged. Even if it is a frugal count of two or three hundred, it is still worth writing something. 

This summer, I’m keeping myself optimistic and dedicated to writing- and finishing- this book.

Are you participating in Camp NaNo? How’s your experience so far? If you’re a procrastinator, is it making the writing process more motivating for you?

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Invisible Bookshelves!

If you’ve read my post http://A Bibliophile Goes Shopping/  you will know why I should probably give this a try….

How To Install Invisible Book Shelves

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Exciting News!

 The THIRD JP2 High book is coming out this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s called Summer of My Dissent, and it follows Allie Weaver through her summer as well as the rest of the kids as they give JP2 High a new makeover! The book has a new cover, which I’m excited to see, but also a little sad, because now it won’t match the first two that I have. I do love matching covers.

Well, must order soon!

See the JP2 High website:


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A Bibliophile Goes Shopping

I went shopping today at a used item store. Of course, after I looked at the clothes, I went over to browse through the book section. AND THEY HAD AN ENTIRE SET OF JANE AUSTEN!!! and Jane Eyre. and Phatom of the Opera. Cyrano de Bergerac. Shakespeare’s plays. THREE Pride and Prejudice’s. And they were so cheap! I desperately wanted to buy them.

But there’s no more room on my bookshelves. *sigh*

When I couldn’t fit books vertically on the shelves anymore, I started putting them on top of each other. Then I put some of my books in a box under the bed. And then they started appearing everywhere; on the windowsill, on every little stand or table, on chairs, etc.

Yep, they were just about everywhere.

At least Cicero should be proud of me. He did say “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” (one of my favourite quotes, by the way)

Okay, so I admit, I really couldn’t resist those books at the store. In the end, I ended up buying  “A Man For All Seasons” and “Brideshead Revisited”. They are now proudly occupying the dining room shelves. Despite the fact that those shelves are already overflowing.

Ahh, the life of a bibliophile.

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Reading List

Books I plan to read someday, sometime (in no particular order):

1. Persuasion- Jane Austen

2. Eragon- Christopher Paolini

3. The Three Musketeers- Alexandre Dumas

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

5. The Prince and the Pauper- Mark Twain

6. Pygmalion- George Bernard Shaw

7. Captain Blood- Rafael Sabatini

8. Emily of New Moon- L.M. Montgomery

9. Hamlet- William Shakespeare

10. North and South- Elizabeth Gaskell

11. Screwtape Letters- C.S. Lewis

12. A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens

13. They Loved to Laugh- Kathryn Worth

14. Ivanhoe- Sir Walter Scott

15. Lorna Doone- R.D. Blackmore

16. Sense and Sensibility- Jane Austen

17.  The Swan Kingdom- Zoe Marriott

18. The Enchanted Castle- Edith Nesbit

19. As You Like It- William Shakespeare

20. Nicholas Nickleby- Charles Dickens

21. Little Dorrit- Charles Dickens

22. Alex O’Donnell and the Forty Cyber Thieves- Regina Doman

23. Why Catholics Are Right- Michael Coren

24. Prove It! Series- Amy Welborn

25. Gone With the Wind- Margaret Mitchell

26. Mara, Daughter of the Nile- Eloise Jarvis McGraw

27. Emily Climbs- L.M. Montgomery

28. Emily’s Quest- L.M. Montgomery

29. The Blue Castle- L.M. Montgomery (yes, I like her books. A lot)

30. The Interior Castle- St. Teresa of Avila

31. Don Quixote- Miguel de Cervantes

32. A Gown of Spanish Lace- Janette Oke

33. Edmund Campion- Evelyn Waugh

33. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall- Anne Bronte

34. The Silmarillion- J.R.R. Tolkien

35. Rob Roy- Sir Walter Scott

36. The Bride of Lammermoor- Sir Walter Scott

37. Dressing With Dignity- Colleen Hammond

38. The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux

39. Catholic in Philadelphia Court- Martin de Porres Kennedy

40. Ella Enchanted- Gail Carson Levine

41. Hattie Big Sky -Kirby Larson

42. Orthodoxy- G. K. Chesterton

43. Idylls of the King- Tennyson

44. Enemy Brothers- Constance Savery

45. Escape From Warsaw- Ian Serraillier

46. Rebecca- Daphne du Maurier

47. Confessions of St. Augustine

48. Antigone- Sophocles

49. Phantom Tollbooth- Norton Juster

50. Sun Slower, Sun Faster- Meriol Trevor


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Summer Goals

  With the First Day of Summer being today,  I figured I’d make a list of everything I want to do this vacation. Of   course I won’t end up doing half of them, but no harm in hoping, right?

 Read!!! I’ll be putting together a list of all the books I want to read and I’ll post it soon!

  WRITE A NOVEL!!! I HAVE to do it this summer! I’ve been trying to write a book for four years now and I always either get bored of my story idea or become too busy. But this year, I WILL do it! (I hope). . . .

Try my hand at writing some poetry. Not sure how that will turn out though. And don’t depend on it being published here! No way! LOL

Learn to sew (I know, I should be ashamed of myself- I am ashamed- but I only know how to darn socks. I can’t even sew on buttons)

Do more cooking and baking and try some new recipes.                                                                                                         

Learn about flowers, maybe do some gardening, and study constellations.

Perform a play, probably Shakespeare, nothing big or grand, just memorize a few parts and dress up.

Aquaint myself with the Elvish language.

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