Essays- and What They Do To Your Brain

Beforehand, let me apologize.
You are about to endure a tirade. A rant. A diatribe. Call it what you will.
Alright, let me divulge the secret reason for this.
I. Am. Writing. An. Essay. ahem, let me correct myself. I am trying to write an essay. But the thoughts aren’t flowing. They aren’t flooding to my mind as I struggle to keep up with the rapidity of my mind, the keys clicking as sentence after well- formed sentence appears on my laptop screen.
I dig into my thoughts, I rummage through them, like looking for some thing at the bottom of a chest, flinging out this and that, in every which direction… but it’s not working. I rack my brain to think of something astounding to say. Something enlightening. Insightful. Wise. Okay, I’ll settle for something at least… coherent?
and I could be reading, say, the Count of Monte Cristo!! I got it from the library a while ago, and I`m ashamed to say I still haven`t started it…. I know, I know, a book I’ve never read before, sitting in my house for over a week, untouched and unread. Unimaginable.
Or I could be scribbling away at some thrilling story and coming up with some fascinating plots and bringing characters to life, devilish villains and dashing heroes. *sigh*
Or perhaps I could be curled up on the couch sipping tea and watching a Jane Austen movie.
And this brings me to my depressing conclusion.
Wouldn’t it be wornderful to be reading some exciting novel right now? Instead of slaving away and writing paragraphs and thinking about theses and grammar and punctuation and all the rest of that wonderful stuff…..
P.S. I think I may suffer from a slight case of weirdness on essay nights. The remedy I suggest for anyone with a similar problem is…
We shall form a united group of people suffering from essay frustration. Perhaps we can bring about an important change in our world.
Imagine. A world without essays.
The freedom, the joy, the liberation.


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2 responses to “Essays- and What They Do To Your Brain

  1. Ah, I’m in a similar situation…. I have to write an essay on Pride and Prejudice, as well as a book analysis. Augh…. Essays can sometimes be fun… but not if you stick to the rules. (…heehee…)

    • Elestyn

      that is so true! essay writing is usually so restrained! I prefer writing when I don’t have any rules for it!
      ooohh, I love Pride and Prejudice! I bet your essay on it will be really interesting!

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