Sunlight and Shadows

We all seek happiness and meaning in our lives.

We all have dreams, passion, lives…lives that were meant for living.

But too many times, we fall.

Too many times we linger in cold, dark shadows, even when the warm golden rays are but a step away. All we have to do is step into the light. But we lack the courage to show ourselves as we are, with all our faults and blemishes and imperfections. But why are we afraid? Open your eyes, reaching out His hand towards you, a bearded young man arrayed in a brilliant robe of white steps into the darkness, dispelling the night.

Take His hand. Let Him draw you into the light. With Him, you will find morning. With Him, you will discover meaning in your life. He will lead you, protect you.

Just take His hand.

Hold on. And remember always, you have two hands for a reason- one is to hold on to Him and the other is to reach out to the rejected, the unwanted, the unloved.

You will never again be alone in the darkness.

He has made you a child of His light!


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