Little Women

This is my 50th post!! WOOT WOOT! well, it’s not that great an accomplishment considering I started blogging in April, but still…… HAPPY! Yes, very extremely, hyperlike happy!! okay I should get to the point before I get carried away with all this random cheering and happiness! So, without further ado, I would like to present to you…

My review on Little Women the movie!

(are you excited?)

You should be!

Because I am!

Anyways, I really love this movie (in case you didn’t realize that…)

 Last time I read Little Women was in grade 5 or 6, but I’ve loved the story since and it was my favourite book for several years. The characters are endearing, the story is sweet, there’s excitement, family, and just the right touch of romance added to make it the perfect story for all little girls, and grown-up girls too, who have not forgotten their childhood or perhaps still are a child at heart.

The acting in the 1994 version is quite beautifully done. The actors are well chosen and most of them are very much like I pictured them to be in the book. I do so love when the characters are well portrayed!

The story revolves around Jo, who is 15 when we meet her at the start of the story. In this movie, she has just the right amount of tomboyish-ness and mischief, while still remaining ladylike and feminine. I’ve been disappointed several times in the past by Jo’s portrayal, in the last movie I saw and a musical presentation I attended, she was unrefined, loud, with jerky, masculine movements. So I was very pleased when in this movie she was perfectly captured as feminine, yet retaining her own tomboyish qualities without which Jo would not be Jo.

At the ball Laurie. LAURIE! Well, what can I say, but that he is the sweetest, most gentlemanly, ahem-most mischevious little neighbour that the March girls could ever have! I would love to have him as my neighbour! Such a great friend! And the funny part was, that I had just watched Batman Begins the day before and then as I was starting Little Women I was astounded to see Christian Bale’s name pop out in the opening credits. And I must say I like him much much MUCH better as Laurie than Batman!

The rest of the March girls: Meg, Beth, and Amy were also very well cast, and I exceedingly enjoyed each of their performances. Although Beth, being my favourite of the March sisters, I thought could have been played even better, but that is merely my opinion as a personal fan of hers, so I daresay it’s possible I  might never be satisfied and always expect more.

 Jo is quite an inspirational character to an aspiring writer and I found myself thinking about whether I myself write for my own pleasure or only what I think others want to read. I will have to try writing a story that is 100% for my own enjoyment, not caring a whit about what other people think, and see what shall come of that. Anyways, I shall conclude now, but not without a final comment about Laurie’s proposal. Don’t you ever wish she said yes? I mean, I completely understand why she said no and I sympathize with her for the sorrow it must have caused her to refuse her best friend, but I do think they make such a cute couple!!!!


 could this be her father? He’s caring and good, but Laurie has her fun side! Such a difficult choice! I’m glad we’re leaving it in Jo’s capable hands!


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  1. That sounds interesting! The only Little Women I’ve seen was the one with Judy Garland in it. And congratulations on your 50th post!

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