My New Year’s Resolutions

Not that I’ve ever succeeded in fulfilling any of my previous New Year’s resolutions, but no harm in trying again…right? They’re pretty much the same as last year, but perhaps I’ll do a better job in keeping them this year!

1. Pray more. I seriously need to give more of my time to Jesus. This includes spiritual reading.

2. Smile more! Be more outgoing, fun, laugh more, just enjoy life!

3. Be more responsible- in doing school work as well as helping around the house. That’s right. That means actually doing my chores.

4. No more wasting my time. Spend extra time reading or drawing, or learning to do something I’ve always wanted to, like crocheting or cooking. Oh, and work reading the books on that really long list I have!

5. Be more regular and interesting with posting on here! Got to come up with some more interesting topics!


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