The New Roman Missal

As of last Sunday, the new changes in the liturgy have been implemented in the Catholic Mass.

First. let me share a video that explains these changes very simply and accurately.

Now, I think these changes are great. I strongly believe that they will help us to have a greater sense of respect and a deeper appreciation for the Mass. I also believe that it will create a greater sense of unity with the rest of the Catholic Church, by using the same translation of words in every language. It will also connect us to the past, to all the great saints and heroes of the Catholic faith, because we are praying the Mass in the same words as they. Such changes as “Behold the Lamb of God” certainly leaves a richer, more profound effect uon us than “This is the Lamb of God.” When I hear that, it brings to mind the kingliness of Jesus as well as Pontius Pilate’s announcement “Behold the man”, thus serving as a reminder of Jesus’ passion and sacrifice for mankind.

The one thing I don’t like about a change that has been implemented on Sunday, is our local diocese’s announcement that after the reception of Holy Communion, the faithful are to stand rather than kneel. I don’t know much about this change, why it was brought about, and such, but I do know that kneeling is the humblest position we can have while Jesus is present in our hearts. When I stand, I become distracted, I start looking around, I forget about Jesus, for isn’t standing something we do all the time? However, when I am kneeling I know that this is a time that is to be given to God alone, I show Him my littleness and dependance upon Him.

So, I have not yet decided whether I will stand or whether I will continue kneeling; I’d much rather do the latter however. But I am glad about the other changes. I look forward to a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of the Mass.



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3 responses to “The New Roman Missal

  1. That’s weird! Is that something that is particular to your diocese? (the standing thing)

    • Elestyn

      Yes, it is. and I agree it’s really weird, I don’t understand it at all 😦 I think it’s for the sake of a greater sense of unity, especially with those who are unable to kneel, i.e. the elderly. But now I’ve noticed that there are still people who can’t stand for that length of time, so now we have people sitting, standing, as well as kneeling… which is not exactly creating a greater sense of unity.

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