Soul Surfer

Last week, I watched “Soul Surfer”. At first, I had been pretty reluctant, not exactly sure if I wanted to see some horror story of a shark attack. Gradually, I learned more about it, and although perhaps a bit of my skepticism continued to nag me, I ended up watching it. It was AMAZING.

 The true story of young Bethany Hamilton, it follows her (played by AnnaSophia Robb, who does a beautiful job) as she pursues her passion for surfing. One day as she is hanging out in the water, she suddenly gets attacked by a huge shark, who snaps off her left arm. The accident changes her lifestyle, and makes things harder for Bethany, but not impossible. She is determined to get back into the water and continue competing. Despite the difficulties, the disadvantages of having one arm, the media pressing about her everywhere she goes, and those moments where she feels she just wants to quit, Bethany ignores it all and just keeps going. What absolutely amazed me was her acceptance of what happened to her. She was willing to accept the fact that she had to live with only one arm as part of God’s will for her, and she went on to “embrace more people with one arm than (she) ever could with two”. This was incredible, especially coming from a 13-year old (although in the movie she looks about 17)!! It made me wonder, if the same thing happened to me, would I be able to accept it as God’s will for me? Would I receive my cross with joy and willingness like Bethany or would I become embittered and full of self-pity and anger like most people would? Fortunately Bethany had a very strong faith from a young age, since she was born into a good Christian family and homeschooled since seventh grade (yay for homeschooling!!) I think we could all learn from her persistance and determination, as well as willingness to do God’s will, whatever that may be!

Soul Surfer is a great movie, for Christians and non-Christians alike, and I’d definitely recommend seeing it!! probably for ages 12+. No swearing or inappropriate stuff, but unfortunately there’s quite an amount of bikinis. Otherwise, very inspirational film!


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  1. That’s cool! I’ve been wanting to see it – now I guess I’ll have to!

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