My Dream Vacation

If you could spend your vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My dream vacation would be to go to England, see the villages, castles, and particularly the Big Ben, pop in to Ireland and enjoy its lush green countryside, and if I had some extra time, maybe visit Prince Edward Island, the beloved home of Anne Shirley.

But of course, I’d start in England. I’m such an Anglophile. Perhaps I could even pick up an English accent!!

(I’ll be making up another post on this because when I put all the photos in here everything got messed up. The captions got all mixed up and some of the pictures wouldn’t show.)

Beautiful Big Ben!

 Isn’t this romantic? 

Hodder Valley, Lancashire


Just imagine what it would have been like living here hundreds of years ago! Beautiful!

Warwick Castle

Leeds Castle:  imagine what it would be like to live here more than 100 years ago!


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