Summer Goals

  With the First Day of Summer being today,  I figured I’d make a list of everything I want to do this vacation. Of   course I won’t end up doing half of them, but no harm in hoping, right?

 Read!!! I’ll be putting together a list of all the books I want to read and I’ll post it soon!

  WRITE A NOVEL!!! I HAVE to do it this summer! I’ve been trying to write a book for four years now and I always either get bored of my story idea or become too busy. But this year, I WILL do it! (I hope). . . .

Try my hand at writing some poetry. Not sure how that will turn out though. And don’t depend on it being published here! No way! LOL

Learn to sew (I know, I should be ashamed of myself- I am ashamed- but I only know how to darn socks. I can’t even sew on buttons)

Do more cooking and baking and try some new recipes.                                                                                                         

Learn about flowers, maybe do some gardening, and study constellations.

Perform a play, probably Shakespeare, nothing big or grand, just memorize a few parts and dress up.

Aquaint myself with the Elvish language.


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