To Blog or To Journal

I have found that whenever I am posting a lot here on my blog, I am neglecting my journal… and every time I write long entries in my journal, there is a lack of posts here on my blog! I used to be so good at journalling, I usually never missed more than a couple of days throughout a whole journal (which usually lasts me about 3 months). But now, I don’t usually write more than two or three times a week, and then my entries tend to be extremely long, detailed, and remain unfinished if ever I run out of time. I guess my irregularity of writing may be partly caused by the fact that I don’t like my current diary as much as my previous ones. My sister Mirellia’s rabbit chewed the corners of my pretty brown leather journal before I had had it more than a week (so now it’s not as pretty anymore)! Also, I found that the pages are very thin, and the ink either bleeds through or at least shows up on the other side. Oh, well, time to overlook these petty details! But still, I’m pretty busy, and unfortunately I don’t have much time for writing. Hopefully now that summer’s coming, I shall have more time for both journalling and blogging. And instead of massive, long entries/posts, I’ll aim for shorter, more frequent ones. Problem resolved- for now!!  I’m going to try to post as much as possible, and without neglecting my poor, chewed-up journal! I don’t want it to feel unloved!

I guess this sort of turned into a rant but thanks for bearing with me!


P.S. My Jane Eyre movie review is coming soon! I promise!



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2 responses to “To Blog or To Journal

  1. I beared with you. Why don’t you combine the two and stop separating them?

    • Elestyn

      That’s a good idea! Only I use my journal and my blog for different things, like, I write the events of the day in my journal, but focus more on books and the like here on my blog.
      Thanks for commenting!

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