A couple days ago I finished reading Emma by Jane Austen. It was one of the books on my reading list, and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t like the first half all that much, but then it got better, with Emma’s personality changing along the way (thanks to Mr. Knightley!)

 Emma is the story of a young lady whose hobby is matchmaking. After making a successful match for her friend Miss Taylor, Emma proceeds to find a husband for her 17-year old friend Harriet and gets into some scrapes in the meantime. I found Emma to be a somewhat annoying, meddling character at first but fortunately she improved in the course of the story. It was refreshing to read Jane Austen again, I haven’t in quite a while, and I look forward to reading Mansfield Park soon!

I would probably give Emma four stars out of five. Definitely worth the read!!

Emma and Harriet

I also just watched the 1996 movie starring Kate Beckinsale. I was quite pleased with the film. Emma (Kate Beckinsale) was absolutely perfect, I don’t think she could have been better! But then I haven’t seen any other versions of the movie, so I guess I’m not much of a judge. Mr. Knightley was not completely what I had imagined. It seemed to me that he almost had a worse temper than his brother John who is known for his grumpiness, and I can’t say I found Mr. Knightley to be quite as handsome as he is described to be in the book.

Ohhh, don’t even get me started on Frank Churchill, however!!! He was even more charming than I had pictured him in the book and had the most awesome curly hair and amazing eyes ever! But most of the other characters could have been played by better actors, IMO. I’m not saying the acting was bad, on the contrary, I considered it pretty good, but the actors could have been better chosen. Although I was delighted to see Olivia Williams playing Jane Fairfax. She made a very pretty, quiet Miss Fairfax, very close to what she was in the book.

The script also stayed close to the book, and the movie contained all the important parts, so overall, I was happy with this version. I’m hoping to watch the Gwyneth Paltrow version sometime soon, it will be interesting to see a blonde Emma after Kate Beckinsale’s lovely dark hair.


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