A Day in April

I just took a walk around the neighborhood with my brothers, Rilleth and Illani. It is sooo windy outside!!! I felt like I could fly away! Must be positively lovely weather for Mary Poppins and Sister Bertrille from The Flying Nun (I just LOVE this sitcom). The tulips in our yard are coming up but I’m upset that the crocusses are gone already and I didn’t even get to take any photos! I love photographing all the plants in the yard; they’re so much easier to get a good shot of than squirming, wriggly, can’t-stay-still-for-even-a-moment siblings and animals! Even though it is rather grey and cloudy outside, Spring is finally here! And I’m so happy, especially after the long winter. I was concerned it might turn out to be like the year where we had a green Christmas and a snowy Easter!!!

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins.jpgThe Flying Nun Sally Field circa 1968 ABC 

Mary Poppins and Sister Bertrille!

I’m still trying to figure out how things work in blogland, so I apologize if my posts and the images contained within look silly!!



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