Jane Eyre

Recently I finished reading “Jane Eyre” and I’ve simply fallen in love with it! Jane is such a wonderful heroine! I can relate to her a lot, more than I could to, say, Elizabeth Bennett for example, when I read “Pride and Prejudice”. I must admit I liked “Jane Eyre” better than any of Jane Austen’s books (even though I read only two. . . I know, I know, shame on me!!) Even though I generally get bored when the author includes a lot of description, I felt as though Charlotte Bronte could write pages and pages of description and I would just keep on reading! Her style is rich and romantic and the vocabulary she uses, well, I just wish I could go back in time when everyone spoke like that! Anyway, Jane is an amazing heroine; she’s brave, compassionate, caring, everything a heroine should be. Although she is not stunningly beautiful or outgoing, she possesses real beauty on the inside and sticks to what she believes, despite the challenges that come her way. I’ve been ecstatically awiating the new Jane Eyre movie that came out a couple weeks ago, and was desperately disappointed to discover that none of my local cinemas are playing it! How terrible is that? Oh well. sigh. I guess I will just have to empty my local library of any and all Jane Eyre film adaptations it has and have a Jane Eyre movie marathon!


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